Skills will replace degrees as the top employment criteria, says LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky

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Linkedin CEO Ryon Roslanksy

CGTS CEO comments

No doubt skills-based hiring are given more priority than degrees to find the most qualified candidates, the latter is still relevant to the hiring process. A degree on the resumes of job applicants will give an edge in getting hired than a non degree holder. Additionally, employers are willing to pay a starting salary that’s between 15% to 30% higher for people with a degree.

Skills matter more than degrees in highly skilled specialized sector. Where as on the other hand degrees still hold a lot of value for mid skilled jobs in India. Specifically, employers feel that candidates with degrees possess more hard and soft skills than non-degree holders..

Since skills are valuable across sectors and there is a increase in skill based hiring, it is important that Indian educational institutions should focus towards designing and offering skill based courses and experiences to the learning community. 

Skills-over-degrees approach to hiring means all employees require periodic training. Companies need to invest and create meticulous training programs and an internal learning platforms #hiring#training#development for the development of essential skills. 

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