Great Leader Qualities


“A Good Leader inspires others to have confidence in him. A Great Leader inspires them to have confidence in themselves”.

Great Leaders build healthy corporate cultures.

Leadership skill is used at all level of management. Top-level executives such as CEO’s, MD’s, President’s, VP’s, CFO’s, COO’s, CTO’s, managers, and every person who contributes to the assets of a company all use leadership to drive business activities & take enterprise projects forward.

Effective leadership executing the company’s vision in the business can strengthen and promote teamwork, cultivate a sense of trust, motivate, instill confidence, or provide direction.


1. Effective Communicator: Good communicating skills in a clear, positive way in transmitting information to inspiring others is important. It boosts employee morale, engagement, productivity & satisfaction. And must be able to listen to a wide range of people across roles, geographies, social identities, and more.

2. Flexible: Working with a team of people means tasks, goals & responsibilities will shift. Under uncertain/unpredictable circumstances, flexible leaders can modify their style/approach to leadership . They can revise their plans to incorporate new innovations and overcome challenges, while still achieving their goals.

3. Innovative: Leader should be a good initiator and change champion. He/She should be able to develop ideas, filter the opinions of others, solve problems and complete many other tasks that require innovation and creativity.

4. Leveraging New Technologies: Technology has given birth to more communication tools than ever. With right tools, you can view the number of tasks being accomplished by your team in real-time. This helps to steer leadership skills and provide greater value not only internally but also to clients.

5. Courageous: Leaders must have courage in correcting behavior or making unpopular decisions. Courageous leaders are able to create a culture of trust and respect, which makes those around them be prepared to follow them.

6. Develop a strategic vision: Passion & a great idea aren’t enough to succeed. Teams are motivated by a drive towards a common goal. The leader should be passionate about a plan, creating unity among their team to work together.

7. Humble: Great leaders admit when they make mistakes & elevate those around them. This cultivates a sense of trust, adds to credibility as a leader & earns respect.

8. Respectful: Great leaders treat their teams with respect, gaining respect in return. Individuals who possess their own great leadership ability won’t tolerate being disrespected.

These are just a few essential qualities of great leaders which are all “people skills,” having strong technical skills in respective industries is also mandatory when assuming a great leadership position.

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