Process to ensure top Talent identification & Placement

1. Client Discovery
Understand clients organization History, Culture, Structure & Opportunity and develop specification to attract best candidates. 
2. Position Requirement
Our consultant works with client and develops through job description to attract best candidates.
3. Strategy & Research
Create detail analysis of the industry and marketplace, design search strategy and explore our database and network to discretely target exceptional candidates.
4. Qualify
Based on research our consultants will identify and build best potential qualified candidates.
5. Evaluation
Our consultants not only match specifications, but assess about the cultural fit, long term compatibility and due deligence.
6. Present Candidate
We provide detail summary of the most qualified candidates to our clients for their review.
7. Reference Check
Reference follow-up to validate a candidate's work experience and track record.
8. Negotiation & Follow-up
Manage salary negotiations which results in high placement rates & acceptances. And continue to follow-up to ensure satisfaction of both the client and the new hire.